Design and installation of automation systems for home
and commercial properties

This is more than just “smart home”
Breathe life into your home and move to a new level of comfort

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Protect your home from household accidents and illegal entry

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We offer comprehensive solutions for the automation of private and commercial properties


Siri voice control

Turn on and dim any light in any room with any switch and change the key bindings as you wish, even after the construction is completed;

Create lighting control scenarios (morning, evening, romantic, vacation, etc.);

Control the light from conventional and scenic switches, from the phone, touch panel;

Control the light with presence, motion and light sensors;

Saving energy costs of about 30%;


Create an audio design in each room;

Control the audio stream from your phone, remote control, touchpad or TV;

Use sound design in control scenarios;

Save space by using acoustics built into the ceiling or wall;

Outdoor all-weather acoustics, for enjoying music in the fresh air.


Individual climate control in each room, intuitive control of all heating/cooling circuits from a single thermostat;

Set the desired temperature in the house with one click on the thermostat or on the phone;

The system will adhere to the set temperature without your participation;

Integration of the climate system with automatic opening / closing of curtains and blinds;

Control the climate in your home remotely.


Open and close curtains, shutters, roller blinds, awnings, windows, gates automatically;

Synchronize the opening of several curtains at the same time;

Create curtain control scenarios (morning, evening, romantic, vacation, etc.);

Control from your phone, remote control, switch, TV;

Automate the opening of windows for ventilation.

video surveillance

View video camera data remotely;

View video camera data on a TV or mobile phone;

Use the video data analysis system for a timely response to any alarm event (line crossing, abnormal behavior, fire);

Get a new generation video archive that allows you to automatically select old recordings according to various analytics parameters (“show red cars”, “crowds of people”, “who stood at the entrance for more than 10 seconds, etc.).


Control leaks, smoke, gas leakage;

Receive SMS messages about incidents on your phone;

Automate the collection of data from metering devices;

To reduce the number of incidents and maintenance costs, build a complete scada system (dispatching control and data collection);

Scada will allow service companies to remotely monitor the status of systems and quickly respond to events.


Greet guests respectfully;

Create your own video intercom system;

Receive a call to your mobile if you have guests and you are not at home;

Open the door remotely;

Get a photo of all callers to your intercom;

Use one or more reciprocal panels in any room of the house;

Get home by face id hands-free.


Add a flavor to your home

Control light, music, curtains, climate, scenarios from touch panels;

View video camera data;

Use the panels as an intercom;


Create a seamless wi-fi coverage at home;

Establish a priority connection to the network;

Create a "parental control";

Turn off wi-fi at night.


This is a monitoring center for all engineering systems
- usually placed on large objects (area from 1000 m2) or several buildings
- schools, shopping centers, kindergartens, various state. institutions, etc.
- it allows you to check the performance of all engineering systems, control personnel
– in case of any incident, the system itself will form a team to eliminate the breakdown and send it to a competitive place
- the system is also adaptive and trainable


Building automation

Our range of services includes automation and dispatching of multi-apartment facilities
  • Parking
    • Contactless car authorization
    • Automatic parking navigation
    • Organization of guest parking
    • Parking slots control
    • Cell phone signal boosting
  • Adjoining territory
    • Access control and surveillance
    • Automatic watering system
    • Smart landscape and facade lighting
    • Landscape audio systems
    • Sockets for charging devices and cars
  • Common areas
    • Acoustic design of the lobby
    • Informational LED panels
    • Contactless door opening and elevator call
    • Internet access
    • Detailed engineering systems design
  • Security
    • CCTV
    • Access control
    • Intercom
    • Alarm systems
    • Mobile app integration
  • Monitoring
    • Collection and analysis of apartment sensors
    • Fire protection system
    • Emergency warning system
    • Workplaces for operators and maintenance personnel
    • Mobile app integration
  • Engineering systems
    • HVAC
    • Low-voltage systems
    • Power distribution systems
    • Backup power systems

OUR way of working

We work directly with you or with your design studio.
CHoosing solutions
Shell and core stage (Cable installation)
Cable testing and adjustments
INstalling devices
We have been in the automation business since 2008.

about us

14 Years of experience
With the help of 35 certified specialists, more than 400 objects have been implemented throughout Russia and abroad.
Experienced Team
We give our guarantee for the work done, as well as provide post-warranty service.
Warranty and service
BUTLER specialists are ready to work throughout the entire GCC.
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  • Development of a preliminary commercial offer.
  • Choice of design package: full or preliminary design.
  • Determining the cost of design.
  • On-site visit
  • Preparation of technical task
  • Developing a design solution
  • Preparation of cable routes
  • Cable installation
  • Cable testing
  • Checking the assembled electrical distribution board
  • Checking the operation of sensors
  • Test Scenarios
  • Installation of electrical accessories
  • Installation of low-current equipment
  • Checking the correct binding of light groups
  • Commissioning and programming
  • Script programming for individual client requests
  • Checking the operation of low-current equipment
  • Conducting a room tour for the customer
  • Setting up scenarios for individual client requests