Integration of smart home systems for apartments in the Development Plaza residential complex

Krasnodar, russia
Breathe life into your home and move to a new level of comfort.

Get rid of the household routine and free yourself 2-3 hours a week

Protect your home from household accidents and illegal entry
14 Years of experience
We have been in the automation business since 2008.
Experienced Team
With the help of 35 certified specialists, more than 400 objects have been implemented throughout Russia and abroad.
Warranty and service
We give our guarantee for the work done, as well as provide post-warranty service.
BUTLER specialists are ready to work throughout the entire GCC.
Forget about switches. Possibility of fine adjustment of switches even after the repair is completed

Manage at your convenience. From ordinary switches, from a phone, from a touch panel, through voice assistants

Use light and presence sensors to save energy

Smooth dimming for a special atmosphere

Combine several groups of light into one scenario (morning, I'm gone, romantic)


Cooling savings up to 25%

The system automatically adheres to the set temperature, controlling radiators, underfloor heating and air conditioners

Set a comfortable microclimate in a separate room or in the entire apartment in one click, using a phone, a scene switch or a voice assistant

Scenario control "vacation", "night", "eco-mode".


Get rid of the mountains of remotes! Use a single remote to control all multimedia devices and the smart home system

All audio / video equipment is hidden from view and does not spoil your interior

We will install the "single" remote control equipment for your living room for a free 7-day test so that you can evaluate all its benefits


Automatic opening/closing of your curtains/blinds based on time of day and light sensors

Creation of control scripts. Select "cinema" scene to close curtains and gently dim lights

Control curtains/blinds from the comfort of your chair, from your phone, voice assistant or touch panel


Control of all smart home systems from any device (switch, scenario switch, telephone, touch panel, smart speaker, etc.)

The ability to control all smart home systems from anywhere in the world

A huge number of solutions on the market allows you to adjust the choice to the approved interior (colors, shape, size, etc.);


How much will it cost for your apartment?

Basic automation system
+ Design
+ 16 lightning groups
+ 7" wall-mounted touch panel
+ Remote control
+ LAN, infrastructure devices
+ Commisioning
+ Cable pulling for future systems (shades, climate)
22 000 aed
Basic automation system
45 000 AED
+ Design
+ 24 lightning groups
+ 2 presence sensors
+ 7" wall-mounted touch panel
+ Remote control
+ LAN and infrastructure devices
+ System commisioning
Basic automation system
+ Design
+ 32 Lightning groups
+4 shades groups
+ 3 presence sensors
+ 7" wall-mounted touch panel
+ Remote control
+ LAN and infrastructure devices
+ System commisioning
50 000 aed
- Shades
- AV
- Security systems
-LAN and infrastructure
- Shades
- AV
- Security systems
-LAN and infrastructure
- Shades
- AV
- Security systems
-LAN and infrastructure

OUR way of working

We work directly with you or with your design studio.
CHoosing solutions
Shell and core stage (Cable installation)
Cable testing and adjustments
INstalling devices


All the equipment we use is made in Europe and undergoes strict certification according to European KNX/EIB standards. The KNX home automation standard has been used in Europe and around the world for over 20 years and brings together more than 1000 manufacturers (Legrand, Gira, ABB, etc.)
Оставьте заявку, чтобы наш специалист связался с вами и выбрал для вас оптимальную дату записи на шоу-рум тур. Мы проведем для вас индивидуальный шоу-рум тур и соберём данные для составления предварительного КП.
  • Разработка предварительного коммерческого предложения.
  • Выбор пакета проектирования: рабочий или эскизный проект.
  • Авансирование за этап проектирования.
  • Выезд на объект представителя проектировочного отдела.
  • Составления детального технического задания.
  • Изготовление рабочий документации (в среднем срок изготовления 1 месяц в зависимости от полноты исходных данных)
  • Эскизный проект (в среднем срок изготовления 3 недели в зависимости от полноты исходных данных)
  • Временная электрика
  • Монтаж временной электрики для проведения малярных работ
  • Прозвон кабельной продукции (каждого провода)
  • Проверка собранного щита
  • Проверка работы датчиков
  • Тестовые сценарии
  • Монтаж электрофурнитуры
  • Монтаж слаботочного оборудования
  • Проверка правильности привязки групп света
  • Пусконаладочные работы и программирование
  • Программирование сценариев под индивидуальные запросы клиента
  • Проверка работы слаботочного оборудования ( сигнализации, видеонаблюдение, аудиомультирум и т.д)
  • Проведение рум-тура для заказчика
  • Доведение сценариев под индивидуальные запросы клиента в течение 1 месяца (в зависимости от условий гарантии)